Genius Loci - Archive of Italian Generativity
A big project to get back listening to working Italy.
One hundred years ago, during a critical time for Italy, Luigi Sturzo chose to focus his attention on those social forces which, while dispersed across the country, remained vital and generous. Inspired by his work, in 2009 the Luigi Sturzo Institute entrusted a committee coordinated by Mauro Magatti and composed by members from both the Italian academia (Luigino Bruni, Chiara Giaccardi, Andrea Simoncini) and the private sector (Johnny Dotti, Andrea Granelli, Stefano Santini) to carry out a similar task in our time. With this objective in mind, the Luigi Sturzo Institute started a national research project around the notion of 'Italian Generativity', aimed at identifying, studying and interconnecting 'generative' social structures, cultures, and economies. A digital Archive of Italian Generativity was launched in 2010 as a platform to host the project. An English version of the website is currently in development.
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